what is your moon sign?

In Western astrology, every being has a Rising sign, a Sun sign & a Moon sign. For years and years, our society has identified with masculinity, conditioned to follow this way and praised for it. We have been told the masculine way is the right way, which is why we have been consciously showing up this way in the world - as our Sun sign.

The times are changing. The tides are shifting. Our time is now. Femininity is making a stance and is continuing to grow stronger and stronger. This energy is gracefully moving across our planet, touching each and every one of our divine souls, which is why our Moon sign is now, more than ever, essential. 

Rising Sign - Your first impression to others

Sun Sign - Your face to the world, your present-day personality

Moon Sign - Your soul, who you have always been, your essence

While many of us are aware of our Sun sign, not many of us are familiar with our Moon sign, which is equally if not more important (in my opinion.) Our Moon sign's influence can be less obvious, yet it is subtly potent. It shapes our soul, our authentic inner self and brings us a sense of who we really are by revealing our identity in phases throughout our lifetime.

"I believe that our Moon sign is a gateway for us to access a side of ourselves we may not always see, yet we long to know. It's a part of us that is felt and through the awareness of the sign it took on at birth, one can start to develop a relationship into accessing their true emotions and even find a deeper ability to love. Our Moon sign is our essence and ultimately, the means to explore what our soul intended for us on this journey." - Danielle Mercurio, Astrologist

Don't know your moon sign?

You can calculate it here. All you need is your birth date, time & location. 


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Element: fire sign

Characteristics: spontaneous, self-reliant, natural leader

Shadows: irritated easily, impulsive, self-indulgent

Longs-for: original plans, instant gratification, mysticism

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Element: earth sign

Characteristics: romantic, strong-willed, serene, loyal, charming

Shadows: stays in comfort zone, set in one's ways

Longs-for: familiarity, solid existence, companionship


Element: air sign

Characteristics: sociable, friendly, imaginative 

Shadows: moody, irritable, unsettled, fickle

Longs-for: adventure, social interaction, freedom, creative outlets


Element: water sign

Characteristics: protective, affectionate, nurturing, compassionate

Shadows: disorganized, possessive, extremely impressionable

Longs-for: security, words of affirmation, home + family

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Element: fire sign

Characteristics: generous, risk-taker, organized, expressive

Shadows: over-dramatic, materialistic, bossy, easily hurt

Longs-for: attention, entertainment, outside approval


Element: earth sign

Characteristics: practical, nurturing, humble, fine mind

Shadows: low self-esteem, anxious, critical of self

Longs-for: improvement of current circumstances, simplicity

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Element: air sign

Characteristics: social, sympathetic, flirty, gentle, adaptable

Shadows: overindulgent, indecisive, people=pleaser

Longs-for: partnership, peace, harmony, interaction

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Element: earth sign

Characteristics: responsible, ambitious, nurturing, reliable

Shadows: hard on self, holds anger + resentment inside

Longs-for: productivity, security, high-status

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Element: fire sign

Characteristics: intuitive, driven, tenacious, sensual

Shadows: hides true depths, destructive

Longs-for: emotional intimacy, relationships with others

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Element: air sign

Characteristics: observant, natural networker, eccentric

Shadows: detached, erratic, fear of rejection

Longs-for: humanitarianism, like-minded friend groups, space

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Element: fire sign

Characteristics: expansive, positive, competitive, inspiring

Shadows: restless, impatient, impulsive

Longs-for: challenges, variety + change, travel

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Element: water sign

Characteristics: soft-hearted, unconditional-acceptance, sensitive

Shadows: loses self in other's problems,  impractical

Longs-for: companionship, meaning in one's life