serenity + selenite

As most of you know, meditation plays a huge roll in my life. It has completely altered the way I approach each moment that crosses me. It has come to my assistance during some difficult times, has shifted my mindset to a positive one and continues to teach me compassion, patience, gratitude and overall self-awareness. For me, the benefits have been endless.

Photo Credit: @EnergyMuse

Photo Credit: @EnergyMuse

About a year ago, I started to integrate crystals into my morning ritual and throughout my daily routines - it is truly surreal the difference they have made.

I believe crystals are more than just meets the eye. They are more than just a sparkly rocks. They are Mother Earth's gifts to us to use as life tools as we carry on our own individual journeys.

Perhaps the most powerful, calming crystal I've been using during my morning meditations is selenite. Selenite is an amazing cleansing stone that helps remove negative energies that are being withheld in our body. It shields our aura from harmful influences in our environment and helps us tune inward, supporting mental clarity and inner peace.

Photo Credit:  @EnergyMuse

Photo Credit: @EnergyMuse

Each morning I walk to my sacred space, sit in easy pose and grab my two large selenite pieces - placing one in each hand.

I take a few moments to tune in.

I let my hands f e e l the selenite come to my aid

And take a few slow, deep breathes.

I let the peaceful, serene powers of the crystals

s p i l l ((through)) me and center me.

I then, am ready to begin my meditation.

What are your thoughts on the healing powers of crystals? What are some of your favorite stones to use during meditation?

I look forward to sharing more cosmic crystal knowledge with you all!