feng shui 101

I'm a big fan of introducing new ideas and philosophies into my life that will continue to enhance a harmonious environment - feng shui does just that. After reading and listening to various blogs and podcasts that have integrated some amazing feng shui experts - Anjie Cho, Dana Claudat and Kate Northrup, I found myself drawn to the idea that our spacial arrangement in our home plays a significant role in the flow of energy in our lives. Below I've listed some of my key feng shui takeaways and believe me they are simple and not too time consuming - I promise!

- Always keeps toilet seat down and bathroom door closed - When we flush the toilet without the top down, we are letting all those wastes our body is trying to get rid of an opportunity to come back into our life - yuck! We want all of those toxins and negative vibes to go down the drain!

- Remove clutter from your floor and try to make your apartment, home or dorm flow smoothly - We all have knick knacks, but by clutter I'm talking about your yoga mat on the floor, scattered shoes, unfolded laundry all over (GUILTY), dog toys sprinkled everywhere! I like to envision a gust of wind going through my apartment. Would anything get in its way?

- Keep a clean stove - This is my favorite one and one I learned from my mom (even though she had no idea she was contributing to awesome feng shui!) What are we usually doing at our stove? Cooking! When we cook for ourselves and/or our family and friends we are showing them and the Universe that we are able to provide for them and nourish them.  By keeping a clean stove, we are shouting to the Universe "Hey! Look! I can provide for my family and friends! I'm ready and open to more abundance of wealth, health and success."

- Keep the trash lid closed and empty daily - This tip is similar to my first one regarding the toilet seat - negative energy can spread pretty quickly so keep that lid closed! We don't want any of the trash's toxic energy sneaking out and roaming through your home.

- Buy fresh flowers - Flowers are a universal language that represent gratitude and beauty. By gifting ourselves with flowers weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly we are allowing our home and environment to flourish with more good luck, prosperity and grace.
Easy right?

- Always be able to see the door from your bedroom, your desk, couch etc.  - By not being able to see the door we are making ourselves vulnerable to elements and intruders. Our subconscious is always aware of our vulnerability even when we think we have used to not being able to see the door - this can create imbalance and frustration without us even knowing it! So make sure you can see your door!

 - Use all of the stove burners - This one I take care of first thing in the morning when I boil water for my morning lemon water :) We all have our favorite burner - mine is the front right, but it's important that we try to mix it up! When we only use one or two burners we are giving off a "I'm not using my full potential of abundance even though it's already here for me!"