positivity, praise, partnership

Life can get chaotic at times and it's essential to take a step back, be present & positively praise the hard work of those special individuals in our lives. 

Think about the last time someone genuinely complimented you or acknowledged your hard work. it could have been your manager recognizing your devotedness to a recent work project or maybe your best friend noticed your tedious efforts on trying to be more more patient and grounded. Regardless, on how big or small the compliment was, you were credited for your efforts and it felt pretty amazing, right? So why don't we take this practice and put it into play in our everyday lives, especially for our partner who may not realize how proud and pleased we are with his/her latest ventures.

Praise him/her.

Acknowledge him/her when you know he/her has been working hard on something.

It's those simple, thoughtful words that can help inspire our partner and encourage him to become his best self which ultimately helps us live our life to the fullest together.

 "Those new cabinets in the kitchen are looking great, babe!"

"I'm so proud of your dedication to your new wellness routine! You inspire me."

"I appreciate you and all the little things you do for me daily."

Be vocal.

Leave notes in his/her car. Whisper in his/her ear. 

Whatever it may be that your partner is hard at work with, SHOUT IT!

Get creative & have fun with it.

Use enthusiasm & eye contact. It shows your authenticity & sincerity. 

Portray confidence. When you are confident while admiring your partner, he/she will more likely believe your words & therefore become more self-assured about his/her work moving forward.

Let's not forget about those other extraordinary beings in our lives. In fact, not only does this tactic apply to our significant other, but this is something that can be applied to all of our relationships - co-workers, family members, even our 4-legged friends.