my first podcast interview on almost 30


My first podcast - e v e r - with the beauties behind the Almost 30 Podcast - Lindsey Simcik + Krista Williams is live now on iTunes.

Give a listen here + comment below!

- Show Notes -

"The girls have been waiting to share their interview with this special, soulful goddess.  ERICA KMIEC, Marketing Outreach Manager for "Energy Muse", and beauty behind the blog, Soul Notion, joins the girls this week for an intimate chat.  Not too long ago, Erica was stuck in a job she didn't love, feeling uninspired and anxious.  Her soul searching and interest in holistic alternatives for her anxiety led her down an ever-changing, beautifully rewarding spiritual path.  The girls find out how Erica turned her obstacles into opportunities and how her spiritual practice helped to manifest her dream job.  Erica is one of those people who makes you feel heard, seen, and accepted.  She helps the girls to understand why it's important to honor the pace and space in which people are spiritual.  There are a few OH, WOW moments in there, for sure.

CRYSTALS ARE WEIRD, BUT THEY WORK.  It's true.  If you give them an intention, they will work.  THE GIRLS GO DEEP HERE.  If you are curious about crystals, if you think people who use crystals are bat-sh*t crazy, if you want to start incorporating crystals into your daily routine/into your space, if you collected rocks as a kid, if you are drawn to beautiful rocks from the earth, if you are curious.....THIS IS FOR YOU.  The girls share some incredibly true/bizarre/amazing crystal stories.  Erica should be a contestant on Crystal Jeopardy because damn she knows her sh*t.  Lindsey and Krista sit in awe as Erica spits some crystal knowledge for our listeners.  Oh, you're going to die.  Erica is incorporating crystals into her wedding.  The girls being GIRLS, ask ALL ABOUT IT.  And, HEY GUYS...The girls also ask Erica what her fiancé thinks about her spirituality/rituals/practices/crystals.  Take note, fellas."