you + the moon manifestation workshop

Last week, I hosted a conscious workshop alongside the talented beauties, Krista of Hundred Blog + Daniela of Color Me Complete. It was a magical evening at my humble abode where we socialized, laughed, talked astrology, meditated, learned more about mindful eating + wrapped it up with tips for setting intentions. 


It's funny how when you're aligned in life everything flows and is so effortless.

That is exactly how this event came together and how it felt through the planning process.

Brands were super receptive

Enlightening conversations began

Guests RSVPed (we ended up with 25 women!)

Energy was positive + high

Our sponsors included Kreation Juice, Energy Muse, Macabursts & Ethona Activewear

(So grateful for them! Everything these dynamic brands provided was so amazing!)


I opened the evening up with a visualization meditation to ground us and bring us into the present moment, which lead us to Daniela's topic on mindful eating - Daniela truly knows how to light up a room and was able to provide such amazing insight on what it means to eat mindfully and with intention. She left our guests with simple tools that one will be able to take away and use on their next meal.

Next, I spoke about the significance of our moon sign and if you aren't familiar with your moon sign, you can read about it and calculate it here.

To find your moon sign all you need is your time of birth, birth date and location (city + state).

In Western Astrology, we have three different signs.

1. Rising/Ascendant Sign - your first impression, how you come off when you meet someone for the first time

2.  Sun Sign - this is the one most of you know! And the one you read about in magazines, blogs, etc.

3. Moon Sign - this is your soul sign, who you have always been, which also can uncover our passions and fears

The discovery of my moon sign was in fact how Soul Notion came into play. It uncovered a side of me that I knew existed, but was too afraid to consciously acknowledge.

My moon sign is an Aquarius

Light side: accepting, idealistic, observant

Shadow side: detached, stubborn, unpredictable

"At its best, Aquarius is an egalitarian and freedom-loving sign. Born with the Moon here, you are likely to have an innate need to establish space and equality in your own and others lives. Your sense of objectivity is your best asset, and your ability to connect with others is based mostly on your capacity to simply see others for who they are. As a civilized being, you thrive in situations that bring people and conversation together. Though at times you may feel the outsider, life will always go best for you when you find your own like-minded group."

The last sentence says it all! I've always felt this deep need and pull to connect others, specifically women who are seeking to spiritual and personal growth in any area of their lives. This discovery just confirmed my notion and forced me to follow my passions.

The night concluded with my girl, Krista discussing how to set intentions and goals in life. How to shoot for the stars, but also how to remain flexible and realistic. Another key takeaway she spoke about was how to let go of outcomes - which is huge! It is so easy to get wrapped up in our dreams and ideas and to have very specific visions on how something is "supposed" to happen and if doesn't happen that way, we're disappointed, let down. Once we are able to let go of the outcome, we can accept that something even bigger and better might in store for us - something beyond our wildest dreams. Love that! 

Overall the event was absolutely divine. Each soul who attended filled my heart with so much light. There is something so powerful when a group of women come together, are open and vulnerable. Everything is magnified - the energy, the love, the emotions.

What are your thoughts on this event? Are you familiar with your moon sign? Were you able to uncover any secrets about yourself? What type of spiritual/wellness events are of interest to you? Comment below!