today i challenge you

Today I challenge you to be your best self.

Be more aware, more present and more conscious of the world you're living in.

Acknowledge every moment is a m i r a c l e.

Trust that you are exactly where you need to be. The Universe has a larger plan for you - each divine moment is preparing you for your purposeful pathway.

>>> Be patient <<<

Today I challenge you to let love come to your aid and allow your inner light to guide you to what is real.

Don't go chasing after what you "should" be or where you "should" be.

Stand still. Stand tall. Become it.

Today I challenge you to see the good and beauty in everything - in all people, things and places. You have no judgement and see all the kindness in the world.

Today I challenge you to believe in the abundance that you deserve. You are entitled to unlimited supply of light, love, wealth and health.

Today I challenge you to let all negative beliefs about yourself GO. Only embrace your positive beliefs.

Your true reality begins inside of you.

Change your t h o u g h t s.

Change your b e l i e f s.

Change your r e a l i t y.

Your intentions are ((cosmic)) and ((beautiful)). They define your majestic world. They enhance your journey of life. They take you beyond your wildest dreams.

Today I challenge you all of this & more.

Much love my darlings,