shower me with crystals

This past summer I celebrated my offbeat bridal shower in Michigan at my fiancé's family home! It was gorgeous - absolutely breathtaking!

I am so beyond grateful to have such amazing family and friends who were able to shower Brandon and I with all their light and love that day, whether they were physically there or there in spirit.

A special thank you to my lovely hosts, my future mother-in-law, Jean, her dear friend, Mary and my mother, Lisa - these women can put on a fiesta - absolute best party planners ever! 

Now on to the details...

I have much respect for all of the traditional events that come pre and post-wedding, but I knew that when it came to my ((own)) festivities.

I wanted to make sure they aligned with me - with Erica -

the free-spirited, secret moon-worshiping, crystal-loving señorita! 

My bridal shower was no different.

While painting my vision for my bridal shower with my hosts, I was able to stick to my values while setting respectful boundaries for all of my friends and families.

One way I was able to stay true to my soul was by incorporating crystals into my bridal shower celebration. 

(Thank you Energy Muse for your magical crystals!)

I had my guests participate in a memorable intention setting activity with raw clear quartz crystals.

Clear quartz crystals are powerful stones that can be programmed to activate and magnify our intentions, this way not only our we committing to the intention to ourself, but we are putting it out into the Universe so even when we aren't thinking about our intention, the Universe can hold the energy for us. Clear quartz also helps us focus on what it is we exactly we want to manifest into our lives.

Every guest received a burlap bag with 2 raw clear quartz crystals when they arrived to their assigned seat. 

One of the clear quartz stones served as a gift from me to show my gratitude for their loving support and presence.

The other clear quartz was used to set an intention for Brandon (my fiancé) & I and our life together.

My lovely MOH, Taryn, explained the concept of intention setting to my guests - informing them it was similar to making a wish for us and our future. Once all the intentions were made, she passed a sacred bowl around for everyone to place their programmed crystals in. 

This divine bowl full of crystals now resides in the center of my living room. It holds all of the blissful energy from my family and friends as Brandon and I start our new chapter together.

I look forward to sharing my offbeat bridal ways as I continue down this journey of #BecomingGalia :)

Sending much love - Erica